Design Services

As our many satisfied customers have already discovered, our innovative designs are a valuable business asset. They help to enhance staff morale, improve productivity and create a lasting and favourable impression on clients and visitors. Every aspect of our design process is precisely tailored to your company’s particular needs and preferences. Because we listen carefully to our customers we get it right the first time.

We understand the importance of achieving a balance between aesthetics, functionality and affordability whilst at all times ensuring regulatory compliance with all building code and disability access legislation. Our design process comprises of various steps, most important of which is an understanding of our client company’s business, perceived image and an insight into future business development.

Our design team undertake feasibility studies and surveys and analyse a range of issues including work practices, workflow and the inter-relationships between groups and individuals. Using the most advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, preliminary schemes are submitted. Once accepted, detailed layouts are prepared to help unify building profiles and services with partitions, storage and furniture.

The result is an environment that is functional, efficient, cost-effective and responsive to future change whilst aesthetically pleasing.

CAD – 2D/3D

Our team use the latest CAD software to create and explore our designs and to share them with other contractors involved on our projects. By using the most up to date software the design can be fully explored as a ‘virtual space’ in advance thus ensuring the design fits your expectations. Any issues can be ironed out at this stage, before we get on site.

Rendering & Animation

Rendering is our final process of creating actual 2D image or animation from our 3D models. Rendering techniques can vary. One popular methods is to create simple flat images with basic shadows. This technique is often referred to as a “Photo Realistic” rendering. Our team use these renders for presentations, mood boards, marketing and design analysis purposes.

Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical drawings show information about electrical and plumbing specifications and services, heating, ventilation and air conditioning around the building. These drawings allow the team at Aidan Brady to study complex designs. Once our mechanical drawings are complete they become part of the construction drawings which are then used by our contractors.

Presentations / Mood Boards

A mood board is a collage of visual images, materials and other objects used to illustrate a design concept. Mood boards help our design team to explore options with our clients and thus create bespoke unified styles and themes.

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We are a creative design company based in Galway. Let us turn your ideas into reality with our vision and skills.