Handsome Burger, Chatham Row, Dublin 2.

We are delighted to be the lead designers/planning consultants on this project. Planning permission was granted recently and work will commence in the coming weeks.

This new restaurant will add to the existing handsome burger sites in Dominic Street, Galway and Terminal 2 at Dublin airport.

We wish Rory McCormack and the team all the very best.

Design does not happen, It is created

Aidan Brady and his design team have created many outstanding retail, food service outlets, restaurants, bars, kiosks and cafes throughout Ireland. Over 25 years experience in the catering industry in 6 countries has given us clear insight into what works well in designing ‘fit for purpose ‘ and ergonomic kitchen spaces, counter areas, workspaces, equipment layout and services. Good spatial planning allows you and your staff to deliver world class products and service. We believe in a collaborative approach, discussing with and actively listening to our clients requirements so that we can design a creative environment.

NUI Galway Food Court

CAD – 2D / 3D
Our team use the latest CAD software to create and explore our designs and to share them with other contractors involved on our projects. By using the most up to date software the design can be fully explored as a ‘virtual space’ in advance thus ensuring the design fits your expectations. Any issues can be ironed out at this stage, before we get on site.

Mechanical Drawings
Mechanical drawings show information about electrical and plumbing specifications and services, heating, ventilation and air conditioning around the building. These drawings allow the team at Aidan Brady to study complex designs. Once our mechanical drawings are complete they become part of the construction drawings which are then used by our contractors.

Presentation / Mood boards
A mood board is a collage of visual images, materials and other objects used to illustrate a design concept. Mood boards help our design team to explore options with our clients and thus create bespoke unified styles and themes.

3d Visualisation

We at Aidan Brady & Co now specialise in architectural visualisation and 3D rendering services. Whether your project is a large scale development or a small scale interior renovation, our architectural 3D rendering and animations capture your imagination and immerse it into design. Architectural animations are also known as 3D video walkthroughs, allowing you to move through your project before it is built or renovated. This gives you a photo-realistic visualisation of the finished project.

3D architectural animations are perfect for hospitality projects, home builds, developers, architects, and real estate agents. They allow you to showcase finished designs, as well as test conceptual designs to uncover their full potential. For more information on the services we provide log on at www.aidanbrady.ie or call us today on 087 9188293 and let us help you create your dream.

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